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eChristmas cards
Powerhouse Designed Christmas eCards are custom designed especially for you and only for you and your business.
They can be a colourful static design or animated gem to wow your clients and customers.



For most businesses, having an effective online presence is now an “essential requirement” rather than an optional extra. An effective eNewsletter campaign is a brilliant way to maximise the potential of your website and keep your branding in front of your client base with a clean, engaging and functional design.

• eNewsletters establish a regular link between brand and customer

• Customers can receive messages wherever they are, either at home, at work or mobile

• Email marketing provides a customization that other marketing channels can not provide

• Email marketing is the most efficient form of mass communication.

• An audience can be reached immediately with any new product or release

• Targeted email marketing is measurably valuable and results are easily quantifiable.

For the expertise and skill to help you innovate and integrate your online presence, from website design through to eNewsletter, eCards and interactive invitations, contact Powerhouse Design.


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